Thursday, March 30, 2006

G-Unit West Members

G-Unit West is an extension of G-Unit Records and is after the movement of G-Unit South (which is also known as Cashville Records). G-Unit West has many hip hop artists from the West Coast and also has "Snoopy Blue". I will post an article about Snoopy Blue of G-Unit West soon.

Spider Loc is head of G-Unit West and his album is still apparently coming this fall. View the picture below to see all the members:

Click below to see the full size version:

I wonder how all these artists will do on the West Coast hip hop scene.


At 6:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

g-unit is ass all these niggas suck. i herd that spider loc mix tape and i almost threw up it sucked so much.. The only reason any of these niggas got signed is because dre is smart and new 50 cents muscles would appeal to bitches so he signed 50 and he just hooked his boys up(who cant rap for shit (i.e. Tony Yayo) and now hes tryin to make money off these gay ass niggas who cant rap for shit.


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